Small Group Ministry Details


To bring the married couples of Agape Bible Church together and help build Christ centered families and marriages for the purpose of unity; strengthening our personal relationship with Christ and in so doing, each other.


To build Christ centered marriages and families by strengthening our personal relationships with Christ through fellowship as married couples.


The couples small groups meet on a regular basis in the assigned home groups. This is coordinated by the individual group leader couple. Alongside these gatherings, the entirety of the couples who participate in the small group fellowship gather at least twice a year in what we call the “large group meeting”. This is often a brunch and teaching day, or a weekend seminar series. During the summer months many groups enjoy the offerings of the Pacific NW and go camping or on day excursions or park trips. During the fall and winter holiday season groups will often have large group potluck fellowship gatherings.


Every group also does a home based Bible study and discussion. This is facilitated by the individual group leaders.